May 2017 GBG Swimrun, etc (by Hanna)

The sun and endless opportunities for open water swimming certainly make life a bit more enjoyable this time of year 🙂 Not to mention all of the races! Since I wrote last, Johan and I have combined crossed 7 finish lines! First up was Göteborgsvarvet, the world’s largest half marathon. After Johan’s impressive new PB at Kungsbackaloppet a month earlier (1:20:31) he had hopes of a new PB at Göteborgsvarvet as well. I on the other hand, was unsure if I should even start because my body had been feeling so sluggish and unhappy with training. For the third year in a row Johan fought in around 1:24 and was not particularly happy. I decided to run, but took it easy, finishing in 1:40, a full 10 minutes slower than the previous year.


Next up was Blodomloppet for Johan where he improved his 10 km PB by 30 seconds and finished in 37:01! Two days later we both raced GBG Swimrun, one of our favorite parts of summer! I love to push hard at this race and after having raced the course so many times, I know exactly how hard I can push and still stay strong to the end. It has been tough for me to get used to racing this year knowing that I am so far behind last year, but I am doing my best to keep steady with my training and believe that the form will slowly improve. I was very happy that my body felt good during GBG Swimrun, that I was able to push and that my body responded in a healthy way. My final time was 2 minutes slower than my PB on the course, but I was still able to take home the win on the women’s side and I think that with a few more months of training I will be able to continue to improve the time. Johan is in amazing form and came in with another PB even at this race! Third place on the men’s side and a time of 40:17.

After a very positive experience at Skatås Ryggar last year, we looked forward to racing again this year. It is one of the most beautiful half marathon courses according to us. Not surprisingly, Johan shaved a few minutes off of his time even at this race. I expected to be about 10 minutes slower, as I had been at Göteborgsvarvet, but unlike that race, I pushed a little too hard for my form at and even through my time was only 4 minutes slower than last year, I really struggled the during the last part of the race and it was no where near as enjoyable as last year. Nonetheless, a very good training run!

Now we have two weeks without any races before Infinity Swimrun, which is another of our favorite races. This year they added a 6 hour category which would have been right up our alley last year, but this year I am certainly not in shape for it and Johan has been focusing on getting faster at 10 km and half marathon distance so 6 hours is a long time in comparison! Johan is still debating which he will do, but my guess is that we will both race the 3 hour and Johan will crush his distance from last year 🙂


Författare: Happy Swimrun

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