The Season and the Sun are Near! (by Hanna)

It’s been a challenging winter season with lots of colds, focus on work, and a move, but in just two weeks we will be in Mallorca as trainers at Wolff-Wear Swimrun Camp enjoying the sun and outdoor pool!


Compared to this time last year, I have had drastically fewer training hours and have instead focused on recovery and reflection. I am hoping that I am learning to make smarter decisions about my training that will allow me to balance life and racing for many more years to come. I am not expecting 2017 to be a particularly fast year, but I am curious to see how it progresses and how my body will respond to the increased amount of recovery time.

Regardless of how fast the season will be, it is increasingly near and there are lots of exciting things on the agenda. We are already signed up for a number of great races including Morocco Swimrun, Kustjagaren, Åstol Runt, and ÖtillÖ. We will also continue our collaboration with Orca and are excited to test the new RS1 swimrun suits.

Last, but certainly not least; join me, Eva Nyström, and Katarina Åström for a swimrun training weekend in Lysekil May 13-14! It will be a great way to start off the outdoor season on the West Coast and get top-class coaching. More info on facebook 🙂

Join me, Eva Nyström, and Katarina Åström in Lysekil May 13-14 for training weekend to kick-off the 2017 season!



Författare: Happy Swimrun

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